File Manager Showdown Part 3: Pathfinder 7

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In this screencast tutorial I continue my look at file managers and this week take a look at Pathfinder 7 by Cocoatech ( In my previous two screencasts I looked at Transmit 5 ( and Forklift 3 ( so you can check out those videos in the links provided. The previous two File Managers are pure ftp and file transfer applications that also happen to do a good job of viewing and managing your files on your Mac as a possible Finder replacement. This week we will look at an application that is built as a Finder replacement that happens to also do ftp and other file transfer protocols.

Pathfinder 7 includes so many features that I tried to give as much of an overview as I could but I know there are still features I didn’t have time to cover. The screencast gives you a great idea if Pathfinder is for you and covers the major features that make it unique in this space.

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