macOS Server: The Future of Apple's Server Product

OS X Server
Well Apple made a big announcement this week for it’s Server Product ( It is changing direction to move the current product towards Mobile Device Management and storage management and away from traditional server services. This means Apple is deprecating most of the server product including:


They did provide potential replacements for each service in their support article which means that more and more of our server builds seem to be moving towards SaaS or software as a service types of solutions instead of one nicely bundled software package.

In this screencast I walk through those changes with some thoughts on timing and some things you can do now to protect yourself from having your server go obsolete before you want it to in spring of this year. I also talk about the fact that I will be doing screencasts on the options you have going forward to help you make the transition.

It is a sad day for those of us who have loved the server interface and all that it had to offer but it is also an opportunity to learn new things and new ways of running server services on our Macs.

As always I will be here to help as best I can and will continue bringing your screencasts to help you learn to do more things with your Mac including server replacements, more on smart home set ups, and Apple software and hardware tutorials and reviews.

Thanks for all your support! I love exploring new software for Macs and this presents another great opportunity to grow!

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