macOS Server WebDAV Replacement

In this screencast tutorial I start a series I will be doing from time to time on how to replace components of macOS Server since Apple’s announcement of the change of focus to being more of a Mobile Device Management Solution instead of a full server. If you missed that previous screencast you can see it at the link below along with a link to Apple’s announcement.

In this screencast I cover an application that takes care of an issue users of the current version of macOS Server have been having and that is connecting to their WebDAV Shares. Apple deprecated the service in the most recent release and it has caused some issues for many people. I found a great application that takes care of all the headaches of configuring the server and that is
WebDAVNav Server by Schimera Pty Ltd.

In this screencast I cover how to set the server up, how to connect to it on your local network and remotely using Safari and Documents by Readdle Software. They also have a WebDAV Nav+ App which let’s you browse your shares as well on iOS devices.

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