macOS Mojave Server Part 1: Upgrade Walk Thru

OS X Server
In this screencast tutorial I walk through the upgrade process from High Sierra Server to Mojave Server. With this change Apple is killing most of their server services except Profile Manager and Open Directory which in essence is moving macOS Server to strictly becoming a device management application.

For those of you already running server and wondering what will happen to your existing set up after you upgrade to Mojave, I am doing this walk thru so you can see ahead of time how Apple handles the transition. As you will see you will want to make sure you have a clone of your server if you want to try this but in the end you will move likely want to stay with your previous install as all of your services will stop working.

I will continue to look at other options for server software and will also walk through the Mojave version of server for those who want to use it in conjunction with other services to create the server package that is best for you.

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