OwnCloud Part 4: External Storage

In this screencast tutorial I continue my look at OwnCloud for Mac and address external storage and OwnCloud. I use WebDAV as an example because many of you are looking for replacements to the services that are being deprecated by Apple in their Server Application.

In this screencast I show how to set external storage up and demonstrate how to connect to WebDAV and what it looks like to add files to you webDAV folder and see how they load to OwnCloud itself.


Smart Home Part 6: LaunchControl Keep Homebridge Running

In this screencast tutorial I cover an application called LaunchControl by Soma-Zone Software (http://www.soma-zone.com/LaunchControl/) which will help you keep your homebridge instance running and auto launch at reboot.

I have received a lot of questions about how to keep homebridge alive when a Mac reboots or the service crashes for some reason. When this happens it can leave you without access to your non HomeKit devices and cause a lot of issues. To help solve that LaunchControl is a front end for controlling launchd which is used to auto launch applications or services and in this case I show you how to set it up to keep homebridge running at all times.


OwnCloud Part 3: File Sharing

In this screencast tutorial I continue my look at OwnCloud as a macOS Server replacement and take a look at the File Sharing Service built Into OwnCloud. I cover how to upload and download files, browse the file sharing interface and the various features included in the application. OwnCloud offers a great option for file sharing and sync across your devices especially if you don't want your files public and want to control end to end how they are stored and the security of those files.


OwnCloud Part 2: Settings & Open Directory

In this screencast tutorial, I cover the basic settings found in OwnCloud and walk you through how to connect your OwnCloud instance to the Open Directory of your macOS Server. With Apple removing most of their server functionality I thought I would do some screencasts on possible server replacements. OwnCloud is a great solution in that it can replace many of the options you may have been using macOS Server for and has great sync services across all your devices. I will continue to cover more of these features in upcoming videos and will also take a look at other options as well. Feel free to leave a comment if you have a special request of something you would like me to look at.


Smart Home Part 5: Homebridge Harmony Hub Set Up

In this screencast tutorial I cover how to set up a Harmony Hub to run with Homebridge so you can control your devices using Siri and HomeKit.

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