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Short Bio

Who is Todd Olthoff? Well, I am a pretty normal guy that God got a hold of when I was 5 years old and has taken me on a journey that has been anything but normal. I got to marry my high school sweetheart because she drew my name out of a hat (too long a story for a short bio), I got to have 3 boys when we thought we would never get pregnant, I was a Pastor to Couples and Small Groups at Saddleback Church when I never really wanted to be a pastor (until God called me that is), and I have had the privilege to serve with some of the most incredible pastors on the planet. Currently I am a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist MFT#98629 at Relationship 180, where I get to help people grow. I also have had the privilege of interacting with others who love Apple Tech through the screencasts I do on my Youtube Channel and other places like ScreenCastsOnline and MacStadium.

I love sitting in Starbucks drinking a Frappaccino (Vente White Mocha Frapp, no whip, twice blended, 5 pumps white mocha) with my iPad Pro and my Bible by myself or with others most days except for Monday when I go with my wife while the kids are in school to talk about life and what God has been teaching each of us. A perfect day off at home consists of playing with tech, a pizza for dinner, a movie or game with the kids, and some downtime with my wife. In my spare time I love to write about all kinds of things but mainly about my walk with God and tools to help with their tech and to grow. I love to play around with technology and I am a big Apple fan. That interest in technology started at a young age and today one of my hobbies is doing screencasts to help others learn how to use their Macs. One of main focuses is on
OS X Server and helping others to learn the things I had to struggle to learn myself. I love sports of all kinds and, in an effort to increase the discipline of patience, I cheer for the Chicago Cubs and can't believe they actually won the World Series in my lifetime. In ministry both as a pastor and counselor, I love strategy, vision, solving problems, mentoring & counseling others, writing, teaching, developing resources, and being around people. My ultimate interest is learning to love and follow Jesus Christ in every facet of my life and to love and honor people in the same way Jesus has loved and honored me.
Life Roles

Son of a Pastor
Brother of a Police Officer
Grandson of a Farmer
Husband to my high school sweet heart
Father of three boys
Pastor to couples
Writer of faith and life
Teacher of faith, growth & tech
Counselor to people
Computer geek
Cubs Fan
Amateur Photographer
Follower of Jesus Christ

California State University, East Bay
Bachelor of Science in Industrial Psychology

California State University, East Bay
Masters of Science in Marriage, Family, & Child Counseling

California State University, East Bay
Certificate in Chemical Dependency Studies

Fuller Seminary
Master of Divinity