HOOBS Part 3: Adding Devices to HOOBS

In this screencast tutorial I continue my look at HOOBS and walk through how to add devices to HOOBS and show how to set up and access those devices in HomeKit. I am using Harmony hubs in this case and walk through how to install the plugin, change the configuration file to match your set up and show where you can see the devices you have set up on your HOOBS system.

I also walk through the steps to get your HOOBS hub onto the Home App on your Apple devices and how to add any devices you have connected through HOOBS. I then show you how this particular device, the Harmony Hub works with HomeKit.

HOOBS really is a great devices for making Homebridge simple. To have an option to connect all your devices that are not HomKit compatible to HomeKit gives greater access to devices for your home automation needs.

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