Smart Home Part 3: Apple HomePod Review

In this screencast tutorial I so a review and walk through of Apple’s new HomePod. I’m doing something different to try to introduce some of these devices with a combination of review and walk through to help you get an overall view of the product first to decide is you want it add it to your smart home and second if you do choose to pick one up, have a walk through of the set up and features. So let me know what you think!

The HomePod is Apple’s foray into the smart speaker market which has been dominated by Amazon’s Alexa and the Google Home. Where Apple is different is their attempt to selling the music side of the speaker first with voice assistant technology added in. This comes at a premium as the speaker comes at a $349 price tag and which is their only option while Echo and Google Home have a cheaper entry point. But once you listen to it you can hear that Apple has put a lot of tech into the HomePod. The other advantage is being able to use Siri with Homekit out of the box is a huge plus and is of particular interest to our topic of looking at smart home technology to help us control our smart home devices.

In this screencast we will walk through he unboxing, set up and testing of the HomePod to see if it fits in your own Smart Home set up.

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