Living with Holy Urgency

Today I read Leviticus 22-23. Reading about the various rules God gave on how to sacrifice and when to celebrate and remember it strikes me how we have forgotten to takes those times enough to gain some kind of rhythm in life when it comes to our faith. More and more people are trying to fit God in instead of fitting their schedule in around God. I notice this in my own life and I am convicted again about the importance of setting the stage for God’s presence in our lives. Sure we go to church on the weekends and have small group during the week which is a good rhythm to have. I pray with the boys at night and we all spend time in the word with our own quiet times and even journal about it. But there is still something about a holy assembly, anticipated times that are marked out to rest and focus on God.

This weekend at the 9am service, Matt Carter spoke about living with a holy urgency and seeing our lives as but a brief moment in the scheme of eternity and living every moment as if it was our last. This really spoke to me because I struggle with whether my life is having the impact it should with the gifts and abilities the Lord has given me. I know I am in a historic church and place so the potential for big impact is huge. I feel like there are some things the Lord has put on my heart are important and I need to find a way to help the kingdom in the way I feel God is calling me to do. I really was inspired by thinking about my life as a vapor, as something that I need to give every moment my best effort and full attention. I know if I do that and fully establish a rhythm to life that saturates my mind and soul in the things of the Lord I will last the long haul and my family will be blessed as a result as well.

Lord, I want to serve you with all of my energy. I want to give you my best in all that I do and run hard with the life you have given me remembering the rhythm to life that you established from the beginning. Please help me to leave it all on the field for the kingdom and use me to have an impact around the world. Amen.
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