Photo of the Week: Abandoned Engine

On vacation we took a trip to Bodie in the mountains above Mono Lake. Bodie is a ghost town which was once a mining town. When the residents decided to leave they left everything. It is one of those incredible historical locations that is pretty well preserved. It is also a photographer’s playground as there are so many subjects to photograph that you could spend a lot of time there capturing all of that history. Because of that, there are usually a lot of people mulling around taking photos so you will have to have patience in picking your spots and waiting for people to pass by. Depending on when you go you may be treated to some incredible clouds though usually the sky is clear. When there are clouds it really makes the landscapes in this area pop.

If you choose to go to Bodie you do need to be aware that the last 3 miles or so in are on a pitted road which is a combination of rocks and dirt. So be prepared to go slow and proceed with caution especially if you are driving in a car that is low to the ground as you might bottom out. I saw a number of cars low to ground take the road way too fast and based on the noise I am sure they at least scratched up the under carriage.

On the day we went we were lucky enough to have incredible clouds that day. Because of the historical nature of the subjects at Bodie it is a great spot to experiment with black and white photography. In this photo I was able to capture an abandoned engine. The detail in the cast metal was incredible to view and in combination with the landscape and clouds along with an angled perspective really set this shot off. I used a CPL to pull out more in the sky.

If you are interested in purchasing prints or license this shot, feel free to email me. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Abandoned Engine-M

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