My Career Transition

Just like anything else in life there are times when things change. For me that change is a transition I am going through from full time ministry at Saddleback Church to full time counseling in private practice. I have enjoyed my almost 12 years at Saddleback Church and I am sad to be leaving staff. I have so many memories there and so many good and dear friends. But, as with any transition I am also looking forward to the next step and the beauty of this next step is I get to stay where I am and still attend and serve at Saddleback doing the things I loved to do only this time as a volunteer.

I am moving over to
Relationship 180 to work with their team of Marriage and Family Therapists and Milan and Kay Yerkovich who founded Relationship 180. Milan and Kay wrote a couple of books including How We Love and How We Love Our Kids. These books have helped many couples with their marriages and parents in raising their kids. I am excited to serve with them and the other licensed staff! It is quite a transition as I will be building a practice and moving away from a salary but I really feel God moving me in this direction. While this is a bit scary because it is new, I also know that my faith will grow in this process as well and I am looking forward to this new adventure! It also allows me to stay doing ministry to couples and families.

In addition to doing therapy, I am available to do consult on how to set up your Mac and Mac Server. I have been doing video tutorials on OS X Server and have helped people all of the world over the years and have decided to officially help anyone who wants to hire me to do their set ups. So if you are looking for someone to help you set up your Mac or OS X Server feel free to contact me.

So if you are in need of a therapist, or know someone who is, and/or you need help with your ministry or Mac or Mac Server set up, feel free to contact me at Thanks for all our support!
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