Smart Home Part 1: Homebridge Installation & Set Up

In this screencast tutorial I cover how to set up Homebridge to connect your non Homekit compatible devices to Homekit. Being in a place where there is no one system of home automation it can be difficult to set up in integrated smart home. There is Google’s Nest, Amazon Alexa, Homekit, etc. each with its own app and ways of doing things. What if you want to buy devices that are not from the same family and want them all to work with Homekit?

Homebridge is a lightweight server that runs in the background and acts like a bridge that Homekit can connect to and then display the feature of that device so you can control them with Siri or Homekit.

In this screencast I cover the initial installation and set up of Homebridge. In future screencasts I will cover how to set up specific devices like Nest devices to run on Homekit through Homebridge. I also plan to do a series on smart home devices and how to set them up for those who want to have an integrated smart home that can be controlled with your voice, a phone or other devices.

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