Transmit iOS: My Favorite FTP App

In this screencast tutorial I cover one of my favorite FTP applications for iOS devices and that’s Transmit by Panic Software. Transmit is a full fledged FTP application that lets you connect to local and remote servers via a number of protocol including FTP, SFTP, and WebDAV and let’s you take action of the files and folders you have on your remote servers and locally. I walk you through the set up and how to practically use the application including how to edit html from your website right inside Transmit for iOS. This application really is a great addition to iOS and is another example of the fact that the divide between the Mac and iOS is closing.

I'm also working on a desktop application showdown for File Managers that will include the Mac version of Transmit and other great FTP Applications. You can take a look at the Transmit 5 tutorial Here.

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