iOS 8 Tips & Set Up: Health Kit

One of the new features of iOS 8 is Apple’s Health Kit which takes data from all of your health apps and displays them in one place. This makes it a convenient location for you to store the information you collect from various health apps and lets you use the applications you prefer for the various health data you want to track without having to find one app that does it all well. I love this feature as I have found some apps that do certain things well and other things not so well. I was always either having to look in multiple locations for my health data or had to sacrifice some features to use an app that had most of the things I was looking for in one place. Now I can use multiple apps and have all of the data from each displayed in one place for my own tracking and for my doctor.
One app I have been trying out lately on the health side is Motion X 24/7. This application tracks your sleep patterns, steps, pulse, and other medical data. What I like about the app is that it can track your sleep patterns without the need for a separate bracelet. Just leave the phone on the bed next to you or on your pillow and it gives a detailed analysis of your sleep patterns including recording moments when it hears noise to see if you are snoring. This app integrates nicely with Health Kit as you will see in the tutorial below.

In this screencast tutorial I walk through the new Health Kit feature that is built into iOS 8. I walk through how to set up a Medical ID for emergency situations, how to enter your health data, how to give other health applications access to health kit so they can share your health data, how to track that data on a personalized dashboard, and how to export your data so your doctor can review it.

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