Managing Expectations

Today I read Genesis 33-36 and Luke 18. Jesus in talking with the Pharisees tries to get them to see how they are trapped by the their own rules and ideas on how things should go and as a result are missing what they truly long for, the Messiah’s coming, who is right in front of them. Jesus asks them if it is OK to work on the Sabbath and goes on to remind them that they would help one of their own cattle out of a ditch because it is the right thing to do. He also tells the parable of a guy who invites his friends to a wedding feast and they all have excuses for why they won’t come and so he invites everyone and anyone who will come (the poor, blind, people on the street, etc.).

As I think about this I can see where in my own life I can have certain expectations of how things should go that keep me from seeing what is right in front of me. I think about my work with couples ministry. Conventional wisdom would have said I needed to be the point person for couples stuff and I should run point with the other couples guys. That way with position comes authority. Now I always felt uncomfortable with that anyway but I remember feeling like I was on my own in making it all happen. Then when we got things off the ground, there was the feeling again that it was hidden and under the radar even when I felt it was time to be on the radar. Yet one of the things I have learned in ministry from those who I consider mentors is that you just do what you are called to do and let the Lord work out the details in His time. Well that happened yesterday for me when Rick announced some of the plans for this year which included him telling me I need to build the best ministry to couples I can and that there would be presence on the new site he is building to go along with the Purpose magazine. It was a great time of affirmation but at the same time it showed again that God’s timing is perfect. I needed to wait on him and let what I thought should happen and my sense of timing melt into His.

Funny thing is I am kind of intimidated by the whole thing. I never started out doing this to be on the radar or anything. I really wanted to help couples and was asked to take a role in making that happen. I have mixed emotions about running something with this big of a potential but I also know that God has been with me so far and he will continue to guide my steps as long as I am faithful to Him. This is another lesson in His timing and I just have to wait on Him to see what will happen in the future.

Lord, help me to live up to the calling you have placed on my life. Help me to stay in place of wonder, awe, and grounding that I would remind myself that this is all your doing and I am just along for the ride. Amen.
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