iOS 9 Upgrade Part 1: Backing Up with Phoneview

With the upcoming iOS 9 upgrade, I thought I would start a series on preparing yourself for the upgrade by making sure you have done a few things to be ready. The first thing is making sure you have a solid back up of all of your data. Now the traditional iCloud backup is probably enough for most people but if you have data that you are concerned about such as your text messages or phone messages then Phoneview is a great option for getting those things backed up.
The beauty of Phoneview is it will make archives of your phones information so you can get easy access to it. Every wished you could get a pdf of a text conversation you have had over time? Phoneview does that for you and allows you to view those messages even when your phone is not plugged into your Mac.

In this screencast I give you an overview of
Phoneview and cover it's features in detail. I would highly recommend using a product like this just to make sure all of your important communications are backed up and accessible outside of your phone. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below or on my Youtube Channel.

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