Welcome to My Website

Well I have finally gotten around to creating my own website and blog. In this space I will share my thoughts on all kinds of things including my devotional thoughts, marriage & family, and technology stuff. From time to time I hope to post some write ups of the programs I use and how I use them and maybe even experiment with video podcasting as a way to help my dad and father-in-law.

I have included a section on my writing and speaking which I love to do as a Pastor at Saddleback as a way to archive and share some of the things I am doing in ministry. It is an incredible blessing and challenge to be a Pastor not to mention a Pastor at a very large church (21,000 on the weekend as of this post).

Another thing I will use this site for is to publish some of my devotional thoughts as I spend time with God. I follow an annual reading plan which I will make available on the site if you want to follow along and then I journal the things God has placed on my heart that I am thinking about and wrestling with. To only see the devotional pieces just click the link in the sidebar under categories that says devotionals. I usually journal 4 times a week, Monday through Thursday and would love to have you read along!

I hope this is start of a habit that I can eventually pass on to my kids so they can see the things I was thinking and writing about. Keep checking back as I will try to add and update things as much as possible.
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